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Serene environment for clients to enjoy and relax during there appointment with Simply Serene
Rogelynn, is the owner behind Simply Serene

Rogelynn C., LMT, BEXSc

Rogelynn is a 15 year experienced massage therapist with a Bachelors in Exercise Science, who is dedicated in helping clients achieve optimal,  physical, mental and emotional wellness. She has worked with clients of all ages and background, each with their unique set of needs and goals.  The experience she has gained through the years has taught her that individual person requires their own personalized approach, and she strives to tailor each massage to the clients individual needs.  ​


Rogelynn believes massage can play a vital role in maintaining good health and preventing illness.  She strives to create a safe and nurturing space for her clients to relax and release tension, allowing them to experience a deeper sense of connection with their bodies and mind.  ​She is constantly expanding her knowledge and skills as a massage therapist.  She is dedicated to ongoing education and training.   

Along side massage she has also took up the skill of non-invasive body contouring.  Non-invasive body contouring are specific techniques used with either hands or tools to help achieve the desired body shape without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. 

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